Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Beginning.

1.) Maiya in her favorite sunbathing spot.
2.) Maiya and myself.
3.) Cashmere BCBG cardigan, tank and trousers.
4.) Cardigan and tank again.
5.) The end result of neglecting to brush your hair.
6.) The girl's spot again.
My favorite local outlet BGBC store just recently closed, thus resulting in stocking up on whatever I could get my hands on. The cashmere boyfriend cardigan I purchased back in September at Lord and Taylor for something un-passable like 70% off. The trousers are less than interesting in pictures but are a cotton harem style. They have a ponte fabric detail at the ankle and 2 gold zippers. Not to mention only $15. The tank is a unique cut, it dips down in the back and is a little shorter in the front, but not cropped like most styles now. It has a matt sequin overlay minimising the BCBG logos that are on the front. Its not something I would normally buy, but at $12 I figured I'd give it a shot. The boots that are a vague silhouette in the photos are by DKNY. Through undisclosed connections I know Donna Karan herself just ordered those boots in coco. Yes, she purchased her own design.


  1. absolutely love all the shots, really beautiful!

  2. Thank you! My boyfriend usually takes pictures for me( I have tons I need to load up) these I snapped myself. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I'm loving these photos. Thanks for the comment (: I loved the DKNY SS11 collection as well as Donna Karan Collection.