Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Color.

Necklace: BR, Silk printed shirt:DKNY ($2 thrift store find) Jacket: BCBG, Jeans: DKNYjeans, Lipstick: Nicki Minaj for MAC

Finally a warm day on Long Island. A quick run around on the beach and some rock and shell collecting took up most of the afternoon. I'm experimenting with lipstick, which is way out of my daily makeup routine( if smudging blush on my face with my fingertips and calling it quits is a "routine"). The only lipstick brand I trust to use is MAC. I'll admit, I know nothing about the brand. For $14 a pop I assume it must be good. So far I own 4 different colors and they've held up incredibly long throughout the day. Also, the color that you see in the tube is exactly what ends up on your lips. Can anyone suggest other brands trust and use?


  1. Very cool :)

    xx THE CHEAP

  2. Oh I love your bcbg jacket!
    It's very chic! :)
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  3. love your blog!!
    just followed you check out mine i'd love your opinion


  4. hi there !
    thanks so much for dropping at my blog :D

    i love your jacket <3

  5. I really love your jacket and your necklace^^

  6. thanks for the lovely comment! Like your blog maybe we can follow each other? let me know

    love, selina

  7. Love that shade. I've been looking for a pink lipstick. Yeah, Mac does last.

  8. seriously you look absolutely gorgeous, love that color lipstick!

  9. Lovely pictures!
    And ohmigod, you have a septum piercing. I was thinking about getting one, I even did a post about it. Did it hurt?

    Please visit and comment my blog! Means a lot to me :)

    See you there!

  10. Haha MAC is one of the only brands I trust for lipstick too, that and Nars :) And Illamasqua. Okay, and YSL too but sadly it's a little expensive. I love this shade on you!

  11. loving your blog!
    keep the inspiration flowing, and i'll keep coming back!


  12. beautiful blog! please take a look at mine and I don't mind if you leave a comment..

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    xx, louise from sweden!

  13. I'm so digging that necklace, great look!

  14. You look great! Lucky that you had good weather too, we got soaked in California :(

  15. Thanks for your sweet comment Emily, this necklace is so amazing!

  16. Great blog, lovely outfit :)